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Cill Dara le Gaeilge - Ceisteanna Coitianta

What is Cill Dara le Gaeilge?

Welcome to “Cill Dara le Gaeilge”, a new scheme to promote business through the Irish language in Co. Kildare. The objective of the scheme is to provide information and support to businesses that wish to provide services to their customers in the Irish language.

Why County Kildare?

Co. Kildare has been recognised as having the fastest growing Irish-speaking population in the country. It now has eight Irish medium schools. The county also hosts Irish-medium pre-schools, community groups, youth clubs and summer camps.

According to the 2011 national census, there are now over 35,000 Co. Kildare residents who speak Irish regularly.

How much does it cost?

It doesn’t cost anything! Cill Dara le Gaeilge is a community initiative focused on the promotion of Irish in business. You’re welcome to make a small donation if you wish, it would be a big help. But, there is no obligation to do so!

How will the scheme help my business?

Foras na Gaeilge has a broad range of services under their Gnó Means Business campaign to help with promoting and facilitating Irish in the business sector, in a practical way.

We strongly believe that with the support of Cill Dara le Gaeilge and Gnó Means Business,  the Irish language can be a great advantage to every type of business in a variety of ways: promoting the business brand, generating publicity, providing a better customer experience, and increasing customer loyalty.

We don’t speak much Irish. Can we still participate?

Yes!  You’ll probably surprise yourselves by how much Irish you know. We will provide you with a support pack and lots of resources  to help you to participate. This is an inclusive scheme and any business willing to incorporate whatever level of Irish that is at its disposal is welcome to join in.

We’d like to take part in the scheme. What is the next step?

Great! We recommend that one/two people from the business come to meet with one of our team or to come to our next information evening to learn more about the scheme. After that…